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Barbara Cooper

Barbara CooperBarbara Cooper aka Babs stayed in New York. She says she can’t believe it has been fifty years since that fateful moment in time when the five of us came together to form The Womenfolk. And she takes great delight in the new generations of fans, all over the world, who are now discovering & enjoying our music.

Barbara wrote some of the songs recorded by the group; (“Little Rag Doll”, “Davey’s Come Home” & “Quittin’ Time”), and she continued to sing & write commercials, and to co-write with Frank Catana for Al Gallico Music —recording with Danny Davis at RCA; The Playground, What’s One More Tear (Click to see YouTube). Before “The Womenfolk” she had recorded for Indigo Records.

Having survived breast cancer in 1992, (that’s twenty-one years now), and all the other myriad problems of money, time, & energy that all of us experience, she continues to be amazed, delighted and somewhat confused by the wonderment of it all. She admits to still having the creative itch and looks forward to continuing. Her main message: I’m still here, and still learning how to do it. Persevere!