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Judy Fine, now J. Lalah Simcoe

Judy FineLalah (Judy’s middle name, which she’s gone by since 1979) returned to California after the Womenfolk and has continued to write songs and occasionally perform.  Over the years she also worked as an office manager, a ghostwriter and a personal counselor.  During the 80’s she moved to Virginia, where she and her husband are now retired with their dog and four birds after 12 years’ ownership of the Bluegrass Grill and Bakery in Charlottesville.  She has a daughter, a son and a granddaughter, all of whom are speaking to her, and like Jean plays mostly keyboard these days.  Lalah is a selectively avid fiction reader, enjoys long walks with the family dog, and can teach anyone who can learn 3 chords to accompany themselves by ear on the piano. Her CD of original songs, “Lightspeed,” is a sort of autobiography beginning in the Womenfolk years.  See more about Lalah on her website,