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Little Boxes

Rickity Tickity Tin

Last thing on my mind

Bring Me a Rose

Morning Dew

Seek And You Will Find

Never Wed an Old Man

Old Maid's Lament

The Maybe Song

Turn Around

Para Bailar La Bamba

Reno Nevada

Jane Jane

Don't You Rock 'Em Daddy-O


  1. Jason

    OMFG! I worked w/ Barbara (the “blonde”) in a NYC corporate, law firm word processing department several years ago. When my friend and colleague, Diane, uncovered Barbara’s background, she (Diane) understandably, swooned at the discovery. However, I was nonplussed by the whole thing, i.e, barely impressed. What in G-d’s name was I thinking? This is pure American cultural folk kitsch and fascinating 60’s social history. Barb, I’m sorry 4 not being more amazed. Di, you were right about everything (as usual!) Come to think of it, we also worked, at the same time, w/ a former Dean Martin “Golddigger.” Man, I wish I had taken notes!

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